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I was born in Atlanta Georgia and I am an only child. My cousins are like my siblings; we hang together and are very close. I don’t like Coca Cola, only Pepsi. I like Pepsi so much my kitten’s name is Pepsi. I also have 2 dogs, Clifford and Coco. At 8, I was playing soccer and singing for fun. My family hosted an English soccer coach and he became a part of our family. Harry was my coach, friend and big brother. One day he was down stairs playing guitar and singing the song “Hey There Delilah” and he encouraged me to sing along. I picked up my mom’s guitar and my musical journey began. From that moment I knew in my heart music was my calling. I realized my plate was full so I stopped playing soccer to focus on writing, playing guitar and singing. I sing with my church’s praise band and choir; my church friends have been there since the beginning, they are the friends I can always count on. A group of my friends, we call each other “The Squad”, they always bring me up when I am down, and support me all the time, making me happy and laugh 24/7. But no one can compare to my childhood friends and best friends to this day, you know who you are! BFFS2G

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