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Win 14 Days Recording at The Grouse Lodge / 17 - 30th May 2017

The Competition

How the competition works

There are 2 Rounds to the competition. Everyone who enters automatically qualifies for Round 1. Two of our expert judges will listen to your track and decide whether you proceed to Round 2. All the artists making it through to Round 2 will then have their tracks voted on by 5 judges. The combined scores will decide the 30 finalists. In The Final, these artists will be voted on by all judges and the 3 artists with the highest combined scores will be crowned 2017 winners. These 3 winning artists will be flown out to Ireland for the 14 day recording session.

Current competition status: Finals

Competition Stages

About Us

Why have we created this opportunity for a collaborative recording event?

I personally experienced collective recording events along the years and they had been the most fun in my musical and recording life. Living and breathing one or two productive-creative weeks in a large and well equipped recording studio with brilliant and passionate people is the biggest and most rewarding thing that ever happened in my job. It happened to me both as a musician and as an engineer and producer. In the 80's I was recording my friends bands live and I was organizing recording events and their rehearsal places. In the 90's I worked in large and mid studios on several projects sometimes on more than 1 project at a time and many musicians and creative people were going in and out creating an incredible fertile momentum when artists from different backgrounds participated in someone else's project.

For 2 years from 2007 - 2009 I had been an active and prolific member of the Los Angeles Digital Recording Academy, culminating with a 5-day session where 13 people where collaborating randomly on great music ideas. In February 2012, I recorded two albums at Grouse Lodge within the course of a unique 10 day session (Peter Doran Band and Arrow in The Sky) and again it was a really rewarding experience. The chemistry of great artists, great humans and great recording gear is unbeatable.

Recording Festival would not only be all that, but a great chance for talented artists and bands to record in a great studio with experienced and musical people, the way the great albums were made. Each with his own project to craft, meeting new interesting creative humans and getting feedback from game changers and passionate people to improve the craft of their art and their career. We look forward to uncovering musical talent throughout this competition, and its culmination - a 14-day studio session - promises to be a great experience for everyone involved. About me, I am record producer - engineer - songwriter and founding member of the band SheLoom, with Jordon Zadorozny and Eric Matthews. Starting in the late 80's I have recorded over 100 albums with people from everywhere.

Filippo Gaetani

About Us

The core team behind are:

Filippo Gaetani

Concept and Event Creator, Founder, Director
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Petulia Mattioli

Visual Concept Development
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Code Clinic Web Entwicklung Neumarkt

.Net Development, Hosting & 2017 Design
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Grouse Lodge

The Recording Studio
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Julian Lowe

A & R, Artist Relations, Chief Editor

Violetta Gaetani

Social Network Manager & Public Relations

Enrico Dow

Artist Relations, Co-Editor

Cameron Craig, Jordon Zadorozny, Filippo Gaetani

The Recording Engineers / Producers

+ Special thanks to our fantastic panel of judges for their expertise & support throughout the competition.

Our Partners

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Q. Do I have to pay to enter the competition?

Yes, there is a $19 (US Dollars) one time fee.

Q. Why do I have to pay? There are many free contests around.

Recording Festival is the brainchild of seasoned indie musicians and DIYers who understand that there are countless opportunities out there competing for your money and attention. We wanted to make this free but it is not possible. We are run by a small bunch of passionate people, not by an investment firm or any global organization. So the fee helps paying the staff, keeps the site running, and covers expenses associated with the launch. It may also help to view Recording Festival as a lottery, where all entrants pitch in to cover part of the expense of the grand prize and everything that goes with it. Flight expenses, camera crew, studio engineers, accommodation at the residential studios, they all have to be paid for. Although we are getting very friendly rates at Grouse Lodge, we can't cover costs without a small contribution from participants in Recording Festival. We also have set a low but respectable entry fee to discourage uncommitted bands from overwhelming our judges with entries.

Q. What do I get if I don't win? Have I thrown away 19 bucks?

You haven't trashed 19 bucks.

Music professionals, talented and top producers and engineers will listen to your track. Our judges are also encouraged to provide feedback on all competition entries so if you aren't a winner you are likely to get some precious feedback to help you refine your songwriting and performing skills and improve your art.

Q. Can I upload a demo, or does it have to be a finished, produced and mastered track?

You can submit any type of recording as our competition is about discovering the skills and talent of the artists and their performance rather than technical quality of recordings.

Q. Does it need to be a new and unreleased song?

You can submit any song and version of your original compositions, including already released material.

Q. Can I submit my music from a site that isn't SoundCloud?

Not at the moment. We are using SoundCloud as it is the de-facto standard player for most websites, blogs and other sites and has a very useable interface and is free for you to use.

Q. Who is going to listen to my track and decide if I go through or not?

We have a top notch panel of judges, selected for their experience and expertise in specific music genres. Your song will be listened to by two of our extremely passionate and expert music lovers and music makers. If you make it through to Round 2 then all the judges will listen to your track and decide if you become a winner or not.

Q. What are the crucial parameters for a chance of winning?

The judges will be mostly impressed by the song, the performance and the artist value. So choosing the right song is very important, but most important is the artist's musical talent, the band sound and vision, and artistic impact.

Q. How long will I have to wait 'til I know if I made it through to Round 2?

Round 1 of the competition runs until early 2016 and you will be notified by email in the days after that whether you made it through to Round 2. At the latest, all artists will have been updated when the competition moves to Round 2 in early February 2017, or you can visit the website to see if you made it into Round 2.

Q. If I win, will I have to pay for my flight to Ireland?

Hopefully, you wouldn't have to pay a penny - but that really depends on how many band members are flying. We have to be careful with possible budget restrictions, depending on the number of participants, but we intend on covering flight costs up to a maximum of USD$750 per permanent band member. Please see the T&Cs for full details.

Q. Who pays the costs for food and accommodation for the bands?

Accommodation at Grouse Lodge estate is on us. An evening meal and simple breakfast is available for the full 2 weeks.* Budget restrictions might apply. Please get in touch around the first week of April for cost details.

Q. Can we bring our own producer / engineer to Ireland for the recording session?

Yes you can and you are very welcome to bring someone. Although they will have to fly at their own expense and pay for their own accommodation and food at Grouse Lodge. Remember that there will be 3 talented and experienced producers / engineers (including Grammy winners) on hand at the studio eagerly waiting to dig into your music and bring their passion to craft your recordings.

Q. How will the sessions be organised? A lot of people will be in the studio.

Grouse Lodge has two studios, a magnificent large Studio 1 for organic live recordings and overdubs, with 3 separate recording areas, plus Studio 2 - an excellent space with a small live area and a vocal booth. The recording sessions will be distributed in the 2 studios according to schedule and the type of recordings. The sessions will run from 9.30am in the morning until about 6.30pm, with night session running from around 9.30pm until 12pm with the possibility of extending work depending on assistant engineers and schedule. Plus The Grouse Lodge has lots of indoor and outdoor recreation areas with space to rest, relax or write music between sessions. More details on schedule will be posted on the website once the winners are selected in May 2017.

Q. Will my music be mixed at Grouse Lodge?

Our session at Grouse Lodge is to take care of the recording only. Although it would be a lot of fun to mix too, there isn't enough time to include mixing sessions for three bands into our 2 week timeframe. However the three main engineers of RecFest are offering to mix the winners' tracks and the runners-up projects for a special rate. Your engineer of choice - Cameron Craig, Filippo Gaetani or Jordon Zadorozny - will mix in their respective studios. Please feel free to email for more information about all this.

Q. Can we freely publish on our own the material fruit of the recording sessions?

Yes, it will be all yours to use.

Q. Who will own the copyright of the songs recorded at Grouse Lodge for the event?

You, or whoever you choose. It will be just like you rented a studio and developed your project. Recording Festival will reserve the right to use the songs and videos fruit of the recordings at the Recording Festival event, for promotional use and for possible music releases such as compilations. Please see the T&Cs for full details.

Q. Can we bring family members to Ireland to join us at Grouse Lodge?

Yes, family members can join you at Grouse Lodge, provided enough advance notice is given and that there is enough space available to accommodate them. Winners will need to cover all travel, accommodation and food costs for non-core band members who wish to stay.

Contact Us

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